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Book no.1

Ganga's Adventures in the World of Tonic Herbs

HERBS FOR SPlRITUAL DEVELOPMENT captures the inner experience of the life of a Master Daoist Herbalist and his disciple. Informative subjects covered include the Three Treasures Philosophy, Tonic Herbalism, Adaptogenic Herbs, Rejuvenation, Longevity techniques, and the benefits of the most important .


HERBS FOR SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT is the story of Ganga’s apprenticeship under Master Daoist Herbalist Ron Teeguarden. It is an intimate chronicle of what it was like living with a Master Herbalist and his family and diving deep into the wonderful world of Chinese Tonic Herbs. When Ganga met Ron Teeguarden he invited Ganga to move into his home and proceeded to teach him about the benefits of the Tonic Herbs that Daoist and Buddhist sages have used for thousands of years to promote health, longevity, and enlightenment. This is a book unlike any other book on Chinese Herbs. It takes you on a fascinating journey and reveals profound principles of an ancient time-tested holistic system of preventive medicine. Far from a dry academic book, this is a personal story, complete with an account of an expedition to the legendary Changbai Mountain in China to bring back the King of all Herbs, the highest quality Reishi Mushrooms available on Earth.


PART TWO includes an eighty-four-page catalog of twenty-two Tonic Herbs, including the most powerful supertonic herbs and the primary herbs nourishing Jing, Chi, and Shen, complete with over 100 full-color photos and descriptions of benefits. 


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Sages, Saints & Siddhas

Throughout the Ages


Coming in 2018... 


Are there advanced Masters and Yogis still living in modern India? An epic true life adventure follows seven years in mystical India with two Western yogis exploring the spiritual traditions of India through meetings with living saints, sages and siddhas and the teachers that have come before them.


Coming in 2019...

Ganga and Tara are Ambassadors of Tea who travel the world teaching Cha Dao - The Way of Tea.  For thousands of years in Asia there has been a profound relationship between tea and spirituality. In ancient China and Japan, Zen Masters were Tea Masters. There was an expression, "Zen and Tea - One Flavor." If you were to visit the abbot of a Zen temple, the first thing he would do is offer you a cup of tea. Drinking tea can be more than just consuming a beverage. It is a way of life and a pathway to Enlightenment.


Tea  +  Mindfulness  =  Meditation























by Ganga and Tara


Coming in 2019







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